Gk Global



GK Global Logistics carries out all kinds of cargo transportation through the territory of the Republic of Turkey. The main activities of the company are Europe, Turkey, Russia, Asia and Gulf countries.

Our company has a good experience with railroad owners and brokers, with a large pool of partners and line agents in different countries. We provide our customers with a range of services that include not only transportation, but also the provision of financial instruments, cooperation with the customs authorities of the Republic of Turkey and purchasing activities. In addition to freight transport, you can also book comprehensive escort services and customs clearance from us. Fill out the application form or contact us by phone to calculate shipping costs for shipments from Turkey and for advice on other matters.


To create a prestigious brand that provides value-added services to its customers by closely following technological developments, pioneering, constructive and internationally recognized with the solutions it offers to customers.


To be a local logistics company that cares about customer satisfaction, complies with quality standards in service, observes the principles of efficiency and has a strong brand value.